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Replacing V-belts


When it comes to vbelts their’s more to just throwing them on and walking away. Unfortunately in most cases this is exactly what is done. Another misconception is that v-belts do not need to be replaced until they have completely broken and will not function at all. V-belts will stretch and start slipping long before they will break.V-belt dressing will buy you some short term time but is not the answer. A quality preventive maintenance program may include automatically replacing vbelts every six months depending on equipment run time.

There are many types and sizes of commercial industrial V-belts on the market today including A,AX,B and BX size v-belts. A and B size v-belts have a smooth inside edge unlike AX and BX size v-belts that have a cogged or notched inside edge more commonly used in high torque situations. If you are uncertain what type should be used in your application check with your equipment distributor or supplier. A v-belt cross reference list can assist you in crossing v-belt numbers, as many vbelt manufactures have different part numbers for the same size v-belts.

Proper v-belt installation is very important when it comes to getting maximum life and efficiency from your v-belts. Take time to insure that your v-belt pulleys are properly lined up with a strait edge and that they are not worn and cutting into the v-belts. Proper v-belt tension should be set with a v-belt tension tool and reset again after the first week or so of operation to allow for v-belts that stretch, and all v-belts will stretch. Most of the stretching takes place in first hours of operation so it is very important to re check belt tension after the belt has had some run time.

 Using some of these v-belt tips will allow your hvac equipment, whether it is exhaust fans, air handlers, furnaces, or air conditioners to run at maximum efficiency and saving you money in the long run. So the next time you replace that v-belt on your equipment take a few extra minutes installing it rather than just throwing it on and walking away.

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Information provided by Terry Manlick and HVAC Maintenance & Supplies