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Pancrete Condensate Pan Sealant


 Self-Levels Condensate Pan/Drip Pan – Pancrete automatically self-levels your condensate pan, so you no longer have stagnant water areas the EPA warns. Water has to flow down the drain without being stuck in small valleys on the pan surface. By doing this, odors reduce.

  • Permanent Corrosion Resistance – It provides corrosion resistant surface; standard cooling coil cleaners will not affect Pancrete. Pancrete is resistant to chemicals and aggressive condensate. Pancrete is permanent.
  • Limited Downtime – Downtime is limited to a matter of hours, not weeks. In most cases, the entire job can be finished over the weekend, or in the evenings.
  • Low VOC Application – Pancrete is a low odor and was engineered with less than 20 grams per liter VOCs. The Federal standard limits for VOCs are 450 grams per liter.
  • Low Cost – Permanently fixing your air handler to corrosion proof it is the most economical way you can increase the lifespan of your HVAC investment. Pancrete is a fraction of the cost of replacement or a new air handler.
  • Structural Integrity – Pancrete is applied to a 1/4 inch depth or more, depending on the application. In the case of pans where more structural integrity is required, a thicker layer of Pancrete helps distribute weight over a wider area.
  • New, Easily Cleanable Pans – Pancrete provides a smooth, easily cleanable surface in condensate pans, and will always remain that way. It contains a fungistatic agent as part of its formulation to resist attack by microbes on its surface.

 For a decade, Pancrete has been repairing, refurbishing and protecting condensate pans throughout the United States and abroad.

 It is the leading sure-fire way to protect your investment from premature failure.