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Easy Seal SS Freon Leak Replacement Can 4050-01


Product Description

The Best of the Best when it comes to sealing leaks

Caution: Be sure to install as per instructions on can

Please Note: Replacement Can Only, Does Not Include Piercing Valve or Hose

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Each can treats systems under 1.5 tons

A/C EasySeal was developed from technology used to protect air conditioning systems on nuclear submarines and satellites. It was critical in these applications that any leaks that developed be sealed immediately to avoid repairs while on missions. The product circulates with the system?s refrigerant, and if a leak should occur, it will quickly seal the leak and prevent the system from losing refrigerant and shutting down. A/C EasySeal represents an excellent opportunity to utilize such technology in preventing and sealing refrigerant leaks in residential and light commercial ACR systems. It is perfect for those hard to find and expensive to fix leaks and works with most refrigerants including R-22 and R-410A. Each can will treat a 1.5 ton (1000 sqft home or smaller) system and is easily installed with the reusable piercing valve and hose. For systems over 1.5 tons,( or over 1000 sqft home) use A/C EasySeal 4050-06

A/C EasySeal

A/C EasySeal is designed to prevent as well as repair leaks anywhere in the system, including condensers, evaporators, copper lines, and soldered joints. It is easily injected into the system, traveling with the refrigerant, searching for leaks. It will react with moisture and air that are naturally present at a leak, forming a secure seal. A/C EasySeal is compatible with the refrigerant, oil and all system materials and it will not react until it comes into contact with the air and moisture at the leak, forming a seal.

A/C EasySeal is a time saver. It finds leaks quickly and seals them, saving the time and money required in searching for the smallest leaks. With A/C EasySeal, the contractor is able to just add a can to the system and be confident the leak has been fixed and move on to the next job.

In most cases, one can will seal systems that have lost all refrigerant in as little as seven days and is designed for smaller systems under 1.5 tons. For larger systems over 1.5 tons to 5 tons, use A/C EasySeal 4050-06


  • Prevents refrigerant leaks and seals existing leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Eliminates expensive leak search and repair
  • Travels with refrigerant to find leaks fast
  • Utilizes a reusable hose


One of the most difficult and costly tasks for the service technician is servicing a system that has a refrigerant leak. And given todays requirements for leak management and repair, it is very important that leaks be repaired. A/C EasySeal addresses the need for a quick and reliable method to seal these problematic leaks. In fact, it can be used to prevent leaks.

Before using this product, it is recommended to use A/C EasyDry if moisture is present in the system.

Product should be installed by a certified technician 

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