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Ductile HVAC Duct Sealer


Product Description


5 Gallon Pail
5 Gallon Covers 375 – 500 sf (75-100 sf/gal).
  • Protects HVAC ductwork and insulation
  • Protects against degradation and de-lamination
  • Elastomeric, low viscosity encapsulate coating
  • Permanently blocks contamination
  • Specifically formulated for robotic air duct sprayers
  • Colored black and packaged in five-gallon buckets
  • Easy to apply, easy to wipe clean


  • HVAC ducts are insulated to enhance acoustics and thermal comfort
  • Fiberglass insulation deteriorates and can trap debris
  • Insulation absorbs moisture, allowing for mold and bacteria growth
  • De-lamination of the fibers allows them to enter the air stream
  • Insulation replacement is expensive and time consuming


  • Equipments ability to maintain a specific performance level
  • Associated with green products and natural resources depletion
  • Postpones replacement and avoids technician labor costs
  • Reacting to problems as they arise is not a solution
  • Sustainability successfully navigates maintenance problems
Instructions for Applying Ductile to HVAC Insulation
- Ductile is water-based, and may be stored outside during winter months. Ductile may
be frozen and thawed up to 5 times with no effect on its performance.
- Do not apply when temperatures are below 50 degrees F. Do not store at?
temperatures over 100 degrees F.
- Ductile is a low-odor formulation, and only requires a few hours of unit downtime
- Allow 2-5 hours of drying time, depending upon temperature.
- Ductile exceeds ASTM E 84 Class 1. Certified at a Flame Spread of 0 and a Smoke
Spread of 5.
- Do not thin Ductile.
In Air Duct and HVAC system interiors, a negative air pressure is recommended to avoid
dirt and other particles from entering into the rest of the system and to restrict the
venting of any paint odors into occupied areas.
All surfaces must be clean and dry, free from dust, greases, oils, or other contaminates.
Lightly vacuum surface to remove visible fungus and dirt. A vacuum fitted with HEPA?
filtration is recommended.
Ductile is engineered to be sprayed using a robotic sprayer system. For best results,
use an electric 30:1 airless sprayer unit with a .021-.025 fluid tip and 800-900 psi?
atomizing pressure at the gun.
After use, flush out equipment with plenty of water before product dries.
In some instances, the product may be applied using a brush or roller. Older fiberglass
insulation will have a tendency to delaminate and come off on the roller, so only roll onto
surfaces which are relatively new and intact.
All applicators must wear standard spraying gear such as goggles, gloves, and a paint
respirator. Airless spraying of any type generates paint mist. Care must be taken to not
place ones hand in front of the spray nozzle tips.
Coverage will be 50-150 square feet per gallon, depending upon surface porosity.

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